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Although Twitter is entirely free to use, in 2022, Twitter introduced a feature called 'Twitter Blue' alongside their regular accounts. For this, you need to spend $8/month or $84/year. In Bangladeshi Taka, it will cost you ৳1150/month or ৳12100/year for Twitter Blue. The main attraction of Twitter Blue is the presence of a 'Blue Tick' next to your name.

Twitter Blue

Twitter Blue offers the following features: Edit Tweet, Bookmark Folders, Customize App Icons, which means you can personalize your Twitter app icon. Enjoy the ability to add NFT profile pictures, add themes as per your preference, customize navigation, post long tweets (up to 4000 characters, compared to the regular account's 280 characters), and upload longer videos. Additionally, half of the advertisements, meaning...

Twitter Blue

Half of the amount of ads that others receive will be available on a Twitter Blue account. You can also undo a tweet, meaning you can retract it even after sending it. Additionally, there is the option to enable two-factor authentication via phone SMS. While phone two-factor authentication was previously available for everyone, it is now a requirement for Twitter Blue.

Twitter Blue was made available in Bangladesh a few days ago. Bangladeshi users will have to spend ৳1150 monthly or ৳13100 annually for Twitter Blue. Twitter Blue will soon be available for users in all countries.

Source: Twitter (March, 2023)

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