Perfect Image size for most popular Social Media like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and more

We all upload photos, videos, reels, or shorts on social media more or less. However, not knowing their correct sizes makes them less acceptable to others. Therefore, it is very important to have a minimum understanding of this. Below are some popular social media image, video, reels, and advertising dimensions for your convenience:

Facebook, InstagramTikTokLinkedInYouTubeTwitterPinterestSnapchat

Social Media


  • Profile Picture: 180*180px (upload a square size)
  • Profile Cover: 820*312px (smartphone size: 640*360px)
  • Post: 1200*630px
  • Stories: 1080*1920px | Leave 14% of the top and bottom without text. (That's 250 pixels)
  • Reels: minimum 550*888px (9:16)
  • Group Cover: 1640*856px
  • Event cover: 1200*628px
  • Ads: 1080*1080px

Facebook - Sourav Saha


  • Profile photos: 320*320px (upload a square size)
  • Stories: 1080*1920px (9:16; up to 15 seconds)
  • Reels: 1080*1920px (9:16; up to 60 seconds; max 20 MB)
  • IGTV: 1080*1920px (9:16; 15 seconds to 10 minute; max 3.6 GB; cover 420*654 px)
  • Carousels & Ads (Square): 1080*1080px
  • Carousels & Ads (Portrait): 1080*1350px
  • Carousels & Ads (Landscape): 1080*566px
  • Thumbnail Image: 161*161px (1:1)

Instagram - Sourav Saha


  • Profile photo: 200*200px (upload a square size)
  • Video: 1080*1920px (up to 10 minutes)
  • Ads: (9;16, 1:1, 16:9)


  • Profile photo: 400*400px 9upload a square size)
  • Profile cover photo: 1584*396px (4:1; max 8 MB)
  • Profile stories: 1080*1920px
  • Ads (Company logo size for ads/ spotlight): 100*100px
  • Ads (Spotlight ads custom background image): 300*250px
  • Ads (Sponsored content images): 1200*627

LinkedIn Company Page:

  • Company logo: 400*400px (upload a square size)
  • Page Cover: 1128*191px
  • Life tab main: 1128*376px
  • Life tab custom modules: 502*282px
  • Life tab company photos: 900*600px
  • Square logo: 60*60px

LinkedIn - Sourav Saha


  • Profile photos: 800*800px (upload a square image)
  • Banner: 2560*1440px (smartphone size: 1235*338px) (aspect ratio 16:9)
  • Thumbnail: 1280*720px (JPG/PNG; 16:9; max 2 MB)
  • Watermark: 150*150px (Square; max 1MB)
  • Ads (Display Ad): 300*250px
  • Ads (Display Ad Long): 300*60px
  • Ads (Overlay Ad): 480*70px

YouTube - Sourav Saha


  • Profile photos: 400*400px (upload a square image)
  • Header photos: 1500*500px
  • In-stream photos: 1600*900px (JPG/PNG/GIF)
  • Card image size: 120*120px
  • Vedio (Square): 720*720px
  • Vedio (Landscape): 1280*720px
  • Vedio (Portrait): 720*1280px
  • Ads (Lead Generation Cards): 800*200px
  • Ads (Website Cards): 800*320px
  • Fleets: 1080*1920px (JPG/PNG; MP4; up to 30 seconds; max 512 MB)


  • Profile photo: 165*165px (upload a square image)
  • Cover image: 800*450px
  • Pin image: 1000*1500px (2;3; PNG/JPEG; max 20MB)
  • Board display image: 222*150px
  • Carousels: 1000*1000px or 1000*1500px (1;1 or 2;3)
  • Story pins image: 1080*1920px


  • Geofilter image: 1080*1920px
  • Stories: 1080*1920px (up to 10 seconds; max 34 MB)
  • Ads: 1080*1920px

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