How to chat directly with top companies such as Google, Meta, Apple, Microsoft and more

We often encounter various issues when using popular tech-related products. Most tech companies do not provide direct chat support on their websites or applications. In such cases, we are compelled to seek assistance through email or service forms, which can be time-consuming. However, nowadays, many tech companies offer support directly through chat on X (formerly Twitter). Notable ones include Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Netflix, Apple, PayPal, Microsoft, Meta, Spotify, WordPress, etc. Below are the X (formerly Twitter) profile links of some of these popular companies where you can chat directly with their support teams and get the service you need. To seek assistance through direct chat, you can write about your issue to them using the 'Message' option on X (formerly Twitter).

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To find out if your desired company provides service through X (formerly Twitter), you can search for the company's name on X (formerly Twitter).

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