Microsoft vs Apple! Who will Win?

Microsoft and Apple have been competing closely for the title of most valuable technology company with their market caps fluctuating over the years. Microsoft previously surpassed Apple in market cap in 2021, 2020, and 2018, but Apple later regained the top spot.

Microsoft vs Apple

The market cap rivalry between Microsoft and Apple continued, with Microsoft's stock up 0.49% to $2.858 trillion, briefly to $2.903 trillion. Meanwhile, Apple fell 0.32% with a market capitalization of $2.886 trillion. The fluctuating stock movement highlights the ongoing competition between these tech giants. On the other hand, rivals like Google are not even close to Microsoft or Apple.

Microsoft vs Apple

By implementing OpenAI's technology into its suite of productivity software, Microsoft experienced a revival in its cloud-computing business during the July-September quarter. Azure, Microsoft's cloud computing platform, has emerged as a formidable contender, challenging Amazon Web Services for market dominance. Demonstrating a robust 40% year-over-year revenue growth last quarter, Azure continues to attract significant clients across various industries. Microsoft's prowess in cloud computing positions it strongly, potentially enhancing its market value. Moreover, the company's focus on cutting-edge technologies, including artificial intelligence, serves as an additional catalyst for future growth and market leadership.

Apple is currently facing several problems, as the US Department of Justice is exploring the possibility of an antitrust lawsuit, and Apple's main manufacturing partner, Foxconn, has experienced years of declining revenue. Complicating matters further, financial analysts have lowered their valuation of Apple's stock. In a client communication, Apple's analyst team expressed concern about slowing iPhone 15 sales in China and a possible repeat with the iPhone 16. The slowdown was exacerbated by declining demand for Apple products, particularly the iPhone, amid a gradual economic recovery. Apple's market share has declined due to the pandemic in China and intense competition from Huawei.

Microsoft and Apple always compete to be the best, influencing the tech industry with their different approaches and products.

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